Halnziye HY510 Thermal Grease - 1g

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Product Name: Halnziye HY510 Thermal Grease - 1g
Model Number: HC-HY510-1g
Brand: Halnziye 

Manufacturer Warranty: 0 Year-

Halnziye HY510 Thermal Grease - 1g

  • Syringe design, for easy operation

  • Helps disperse the heat from CPU to heatsink effectively

  • Suitable for: CPU & GPU heatsink or chip.

  • High temperature resistance.

  • Non-toxic,tasteless,non-corrosive.

  • Type: silicone fluid with 10% silver.

  • Thermal coupling of electrical/electronic devices to heat sinks

  • High conductivity

  • Low bleed

  • Stable at high temperatures

  • Thermal conductivity: >2.17W/m-k.

  • Thermal resistance: >0.06℃-in²/w.

  • Colour: Silver. 

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