70 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set with 154 bits Magnetic Repair Tool Kit Micro built-in box for Electronics PC Phone Laptop Drones Watch

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Product Name: 170 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set with 154 bits Magnetic Repair Tool Kit Micro built-in box for Electronics PC Phone Laptop Drones Watch
Model Number: STR-170
Brand: Fruitful

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year-




🔩➤【Small but Complete】🧰Bowear computer repair tool kit with storage box has 154 4mm precision screwdriver bits and 16 practical accessories, such as suction cup,ESD tweezer, crowbar, magnetic mat etc., equipped with every screw driver bit to tackle 99% electronics repair or household repair.The magnetic screwdriver set is designed to repair computer, iPad, iPhone, PC, laptop, SSD, tablets, game consoles, Xbox, PS5/4/3, watches, glasses, cameras etc

🔩➤【Impact-Resistant & Long Lifespan】🧰Each driver head of this magentic screwdriver bit set is made of S2 Steel (62HRC hardness), more durable than CRV bits, Extraordinary Hardness, Strong Torsion, Superior Toughness, High Precision, Effective Corrosion Resistance, ensure long-time use. We use aluminum alloy plus ABS high-density plastic shell,which can reach the flame.It can be installed on mechanical screwdrivers and disassembled more than 500 Screws. No need to worry about the bits being broken when screwing or unscrewing.

 🔩➤【Magnetic and Anti-static】🧰The magnetizer can magnetize all screw heads to help you accurately align the screw holes. Every bit is plated resistive ESD coating, which prevents static damage to electronic components. The kit add anti-static wrist strap that helps to protect electronics from static. ESD metal pincettes is made of high-quality and durable stainless steel, resistant to most acids and other corrosive agents. Bit holder with non-slip handle is for added comfort

🔩➤【Meet More Repair Requirements】🧰This electronics repair tool kit is equipped with Damaged&Stripped Screw Extractor Set(10pcs from 𝐄𝐱#𝟔 - #𝟏𝟎, 𝐃𝐫#𝟔 - #𝟏𝟎 )to solve the puzzle of screw failure. Suitable for allen bolts, machine screws, lag bolts, wood screws, hex bolts, sheet metal screws and other screws; 6pcs mini wrenches are added to better solve the problem of maintenance and disassembly.

💌【WHAT YOU GET】💌 170 IN 1 high grade S2 steel precision screwdriver set for electronics and household includes 154 4mm bits(Equipped with Damaged&Stripped Screw Extractor Set and Wrench Set) and 16 practical accessories with Oganizer Case; 


Everything needed for any maintenance or DIY work is packed in a portable bag. Detail intruduction The product contains:154 precision screwdrivers; Plastic Crowbar(angle Type), Aluminum Handle, Plastic Crowbar(round), Extension Bar, Tweezeers(stainless Steel), Plastic Crowbar(flat), Flexible Extension Shaft, Bit Holder For Powered, Magnetic Plate, Suction Cup, Mobile Phone Repair Tools, Sim Card Removal Tool, Triangle Pry Tools, Magnetic box Weight: 810g Size: 170mm*113mm*62mm The new upgrade The vast majority of multi-function screwdriver products on the market only use a few conventional models, which are collected in a single model and cannot solve the increasing variety of models. Some of the screws inside the notebook and computer mainframe are hidden in deeper positions, and the original 115-in-1 set also fully reflects the weakness. The inability to solve the problem of deep-hole screws has always been a big blind spot of the original product. Therefore, the new 170-in-1 set adds more types (34 types of 154 screwdrivers) and also upgrades the bits to 13 mm, which increases the working depth by 30% compared to the old 9 mm product bits. In the process of using the tool, when the screws are rusted for a long time, it is difficult to find the corresponding model to accurately match the work. In the case of severe corrosion of the screw head, it is easy to cause the slip wire to break and twist, so we have attached a screwdriver specially designed to solve the rusted screw in the new product. It is recommended to use with electric equipment.








Sets Details:                                                                                                                                                                            


154PCS Screwdriver Bits:


Phillips: PH0000*2  PH000*2  PH00*2  PH0*2  PH1*2  PH2*2

Slotted: SL1.0*2  SL1.3*2  SL1.5*2  SL2.0*2  SL2.5*2  SL3.0  SL3.5 

 SL4.0  SL4.5  SL5.0

Tri-wing: Y0.6*2  Y1.0*2  Y1.5*2  Y2.0  Y2.5  Y3.0  Y3.5

Pozi Drive: PZ000  PZ00  PZ0  PZ1  PZ2

“U”shape: U1.7  U2.0  U2.6  U8

Hex: H0.7  H0.9  H1.3  H1.5  H2.0  H2.5  H3.0  H3.5  H4.0  H4.5  H5.0  H6.0  

Imperial Hex: H1/32  H1/8  H2/32  H5/32  H5/64  H7/64  H9/64

Trox: T1*2  T2*2  T3  T4  T5  T6  T7  T8  T9  T10  T15  T20

Trox with a hole: T5H  T6H  T7H  T8H  T9H  T10H  T15H  T20H

Pentagonal: ★0.8*3  ★1.2*3  ★1.5*2  ★2.0*2

Hex Socket: M2.5  M3.0  M3.5  M4.0  M4.5  M5.0

Triangle: ▲2.0  ▲2.3*2  ▲2.6  ▲3.0

MID:W1.5 W2.0 W2.5

Square: S0  S1  S2

Spanner: 4.0  4.5  5.0  5.5  6  7

SIM: 0.8*2  1.0*2

TAP: Ex6  Ex7  Ex8  Ex9  Ex10  Dr6  Dr7  Dr8  Dr9  Dr10

Cone: 0.1 0.3

ICS Socket: PH2

Magnectic Pickup Bit: U5.0

Special shape: SSD  A.W  SD  SPM  IN3  PM  7S  SCRAPER  INPH2  DD  21S  PRYBAR

16 Disassembly Accessories:

Screwdriver handle * 1

Flexible extension shaft * 1

Extension shaft * 1

Tweezers * 1

Plastic pry tools * 3

SIM card removal tool * 2

Suction cup*1

Opening picks * 4

Adapter * 1

Screw memory mat * 1

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