Auzentech Black i.Fuzen HP-1Dual Audio Power&Protection for iPhone4

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Product Name:  Auzentech Black i.Fuzen HP-1Dual Audio Power&Protection for iPhone4
Model Number:  AZT-IFUZEN-BLK
Brand: Auzentech
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year


Snap  your iPhone 4 on-board for improved audio playback, longer battery life, and a  luxurious protective case. Own the iPhone 4? You need the i.Fuzen HP1 from  Auzentech.
 Dual Audio. Backup Power. Hard Shell Protection.
 The i.Fuzen HP1 serves three important functions that no iPhone 4  owner should be without. The Dual Headphone Amp boosts audio volume and  quality. The Rechargable Battery nearly doubles your iPhone4 battery life,  giving you the power to talk, surf, watch, and play for as long as you like. The  case wraps your iPhone 4 in a hard shell for maximum protection and an enhanced  look and feel.
 Don't let your iPhone 4 leave home without it.

Features of the i.Fuzen HP-1

What happens when you snap your iPhone4 or iPhone 4S on board the  i.Fuzen HP-1? Improved audio playback. Longer battery life. A luxurious  protective case. So much style.

Great Features

  • Proprietary  Auzentech Headphone Amplifier

  • Dual  Headphone Output port to share your listening with your friends

  • ZX-Driver  provides Ultra-Low Distortion and Max 180mW output power

  • J-FET  OP-AMP to provide Vacuum Tube like sound output

  • Proprietary  Auzentech Balanced Power Supply

  • Sound  Mode, Selector button & Status Indicator

  • Touch  panel volume control

  • Unique  & compact design to match your iPhone 4 look

  • Impressive  1650mAH Li-Polymer battery with Smart protection circuit

  • 4-Steps  LED battery life meter and battery life check button

  • Charge  via USB port (from desktop PC or Laptop) with supplied USB cable

  • Supports  USB pass through, iTunes Sync

  • Last  up to 500 full charges

Auzentech Black i.Fuzen HP-1Dual Audio Power&Protection for iPhone4

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