Bitspower Crystal Link Tube - 2 Slots

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Product Name: Bitspower Crystal Link Tube - 2 Slots
Model Number: BP-CLTAC-S2
Brand:   Bitspower
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year-

Bitspower Crystal Link Tube - 2 Slots

Bitspower offers a simple way to make SLI/Cross-fire link in a easy and reliable way.

Using the Crystal Link Tube Series and either the C47 standard size SLI connectors or the C48 mini version connectors this is the perfect way to connect your VGA water blocks in SLI.

This is definitely the best way to make link between VGA Blocks which is very different from the past. You can see color of coolant pass through your VGA Block!

Crystal Link Tube Series



Real Hi-Flow Tube- ID 10MM, OD 12mm.

CNC Molded Acrylic Tube For C47 and C48(Mini Version).

RoHS Compliant.

Tube lengths


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