Generic 4 Pin PWM 4 X 4Pin Fan Splitter

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Product Name: Generic 4 Pin PWM 4 X 4Pin Fan Splitter
Model Number: AD-4Pin-4X4Pin
Brand: Generic 
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

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Generic 4 Pin PWM 4 X 4Pin Fan Splitter
It is often used for computer case- fan connection- line, so that four computer fans share one interface, and can be connected- to small 4-pin or small 3-pin fans.

Provide 4 PWM fan interfaces to support automatic speed regulation and temperature control of multiple 4in PWM fans

One is connected- to a 4pin CPU heat sink. Three 4in chassis fans connected- to each other- will speed up with the change of CPU temperature

The extension cable is sleeved and heat shrunk on to the connector.

Unique design,1 to 4 PWM fan splitter, no more mess and clutter



Approx. 30cm/11.8in

Single piece weight


Wire specifications


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