Generic Car Inverter 200w 4 x USB Port 8300

Sale price$58.50


Product Name:  Generic Car Inverter 200w 4 x USB Port 8300
Model Number:  CH-INV200-8300
Brand: Generic 
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

You don’t always want to run huge appliances like a fridge. Often you’re just out on the road or taking a quick camping trip, but still want to be able to recharge your laptop, phone, or some other piece of tech that usually needs a mains outlet. This inverter provides four USB sockets, and two mains sockets, and a cigarette lighter socket to boot! No fuss, just plug and play!


- Dual mains sockets

-  400W Peak

- USB Ports: 5VDC @ 4.2A (combined max)

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