Noctua 40mm NF-A4x20 FLX 5000RPM Fan

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Product Name:  
Noctua 40mm NF-A4x20 FLX 5000RPM Fan
Model Number:  
NF-A4x20 FLX
Brand: Noctua 
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year-




Featuring advanced aerodynamic design measures such as Flow Acceleration Channels and Noctua’s AAO frame, the NF-A4x20 is a highly optimised, premium-quality quiet fan in size 40x20mm. The FLX version provides 5000/4400/3700rpm speed settings via the supplied Low-Noise Adaptors and includes the OmniJoin™ Adaptor Set for easy connection to proprietary fan headers. Its superb running smoothness, reference-class SSO2 bearing and Noctua’s trusted premium quality make it an elite choice for the highest demands.


40x40x20 mm
Mounting hole spacing
32x32 mm
Blade Geometry
Rotational Speed (+/- 10%)
5000 RPM
Rotational Speed with L.N.A. (+/- 10%)
4400 RPM
Rotational Speed with U.L.N.A. (+/- 10%)
3700 RPM
9,4 m/h
Acoustical Noise
14,9 dB(A)
Acoustical Noise with L.N.A.
12,2 dB(A)
Acoustical Noise with U.L.N.A.
8,5 dB(A)
Static Pressure
2,26 mm H?O
Static Pressure with L.N.A.
1,75 mm H?O
Static Pressure with U.L.N.A.
1,23 mm H?O
Max. Input Power
0,6 W
Max. Input Current
0,05 A
12 V
> 150.000 h
Scope of delivery
  • Low-Noise Adaptor (L.N.A.)
  • Ultra-Low-Noise Adaptor (U.L.N.A.)
  • 30cm extension cable
  • OmniJoin™ adaptor set
  • NA-AV3 anti-vibration mounts
  • Fan screws
6 years

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