Orico 28 Multibit Screwdriver Kit (ST2)

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Product Name:  Orico 28 Multibit Screwdriver Kit (ST2)
Model Number: ORICO-ST2-BK
Brand: Orico 
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

  • ORICO ST2 is equipped with 28 different heads which represent different types of screwdrivers, helping to install or save damaged digital devices.

  • No matter you are a repair personnel or a fancier loving disassembly, it is easy for you to dismount cellphone, tablet, camera or glasses with 28 different screwdriver set heads.

  • Continuing ORICO's simple and practical style, the handle is made of alloy steel with heat-treatment, solid and durable.

  • Magnetic screwdriver absorbs little screws even in ultra-small space, improving working efficiency.

  • Delicate and practical: magnetic switch; flexible hook; black over-edging made of rubber, anti-slip.




Alloy Steel


28-in-one (28 Heads / One Handle)


Dismount Phone and other Appliances


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