Partlist Blue Apple Mini Vaccum Dust Cleaner

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Product Name: Partlist Blue Apple Mini Vaccum Dust Cleaner
Model Number: OEVCAP
Brand: Partlist
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year


Power factor

Weight: Approx 200gr with batteries       

Voltage: 3.0V DC - Two AA size 1.5V batteries required    


Clean dirt caused by eraser          

Clean dust or cigarette ash of the desk   

Clean hair or dust of the garment             

Clean dust of home appliances, computer keyboard and furniture             

Clean dust from car interior         


Do not dip this cleaner in water, otherwise the motor will be damaged    

Do not draw dust with iron bits, glass or wooden scraps into this cleaner 

Do not open the base cover when power on

Please change the battery when you find the weak power       

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