Ritmo Mini Handheld Cleaning Kit

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Product Name: Ritmo Mini Handheld Cleaning Kit
Model Number : ACC01021-3
Brand: Ritmo 
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

Ritmo Mini Handheld Cleaning Kit
Keep your computer or tv screen clean and dust-free with this handy portable screen cleaning kit. Use it to easily remove fingerprints and stains. You can also use it on CDs, DVDs and LCD screens. Easy to use and clean, this highly effective screen cleaning kit includes a spray cleaning liquid bottle and is small and portable for easy and hassle-free cleaning. 



Handheld Portable Screen Cleaning Kit

Removes Fingerprints and Stains Easily

Soft Micro-Fiber Cleaning Wipe Prevents Scratches While Cleaning

Includes Cleaning Liquid

Usable on Various Surfaces

Easy To Use

Small and Lightweight


Handheld Screen Cleaner

Cleaning Liquid Bottle



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