Sylvanian Families Baby Choo-Choo Train

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Product Name: Sylvanian Families Baby Choo-Choo Train
Model Number: SF5320
Brand: Epoch
Manufacturer Warranty: 0 Year

Sylvanian Families Baby Choo-Choo Train

Baby Choo-Choo Train is a train set with tracks, and includes one baby figure.

Baby Choo-Choo Train comes as a set with one Bear Baby figure. This playset is immediately ready for play as a stand-alone product. The two train cars can be pushed along the tracks by hand. One baby figure can fit in each train car. There's also a railroad crossing with a movable gate.

For an even bigger play set, use together with Baby Castle Nursery and Baby Castle Playground (all sold separately).

Station, Railway, Train, Passenger Cart, Connector, Crossing Gate, Crossing Signal, Bear Baby (a total of 8 pieces)

Sylvanian Families Baby Choo-Choo Train

Box Contents

・Includes one figure: Bear Baby

・Babies can ride the choo-choo train along the rails

・Includes movable railroad crossing gate

・Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children

・Suitable for ages three years and above

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