Tecxus Alkaline Maximum LR14C Battery 2pk

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Product Name: ecxus Alkaline Maximum LR14C Battery 2pk
Model Number: LR14C2PK
Brand: Generic
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year-

Safety Instructions
  • Keep batteries safely away from children!
  • Do not charge, short-cicuit, stab, deform, or otherwise damage batteries!
  • Do not heat up batteries or expose them to fire or temperatures in excess of 85°C!
  • Never disassemble and do not mix batteries with other battery types!
  • Never expose batteries to water!
  • Avoid short-circuiting the battery terminals!
  • Store batteries in cool and dry ambiences lower than 30°C at a constant temperature.
  • Avoid placing or storing batteries next to heaters and avoid direct sun light.
  • There's a risk of bursting if heated up in excess of 100°C or by overcharging them.
  • According to IATA Regulutions, tecxusTM batteries are not considered dangerous goods.
  • Remove batteries when not in use for longer periods.
  • The safety regulation IEC 60086-5 contains additional recommendations for producers and users.

  • Data Sheet Link Data Sheet Link
    Type Designition ANSI


    Designition IEC: LR14
    System: Electrolyte-zinc-manganese dioxide
    (mercury & cadmium free)
    Nominal Voltage (V): 1.5
    Typical Capacity (mAh): 6,200
    Operating Temperature (°C) -20 to +54
    Storage Temperature (°C): -20 to +35
    Dimensions (mm): H Height (mm): 50.0
    D Diameter ˜ (mm): 26.2
    Weight (g): ‰ 75.0

    * Specifications are subject to change without notice.
    * Specifications may vary.
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    Tecxus Alkaline Maximum LR14C Battery 2pk

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